775 Doubles

775 Doubles

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Butt-fit cones

End cones are butt-welded at the center of the trailer without internal reinforcement. This immediately recognizable design has proven strength, clean internal curves and appealing external styling.

Air supply from tractor

External air supply from the tractor is efficiently piped to the discharge area for unloading, aeration and tank pressure.

Air supply to trailer

Hot air supply from the lead unit of a set of doubles is mandatory for unloading, aeration and tank pressure. Supply piping is designed for smooth air flow to all the areas of the trailer with aluminum piping.

Wide track axles

Wide track axles are utilized for increased stance on the 102" wide trailer design.

Single hopper design

Each trailer has a single hopper designed and built with years of experience resulting in the barrel of choice for the industry.

For increased capacity when hauling cement products, choose the 775 Pneumatic. Ready to roll when they leave our floor, these doubles make light work of large jobs. Beall's benchmark single-hopper design with no internal ribs is constructed of all aluminum. And, of course, every unit is buffed to a shine that will turn heads on the highway and off.