710 Doubles

710 Doubles

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Aeration options

Like all Beall dry bulk trailers there are aeration options to minimize unload time. Aerators or fabric systems are typical and Beall has seen them all.

Sized drawbar for maximum GVW

An extension of our pioneering truck tank and pull trailer, Beall understands the critical function of drawbars and importance of customizing the drawbar for operational success.

Buffed shell material

Beall offers a high gloss shell and head finish that shows everyone a pride of ownership. Beall customers demand the best.

Multiple axle configurations

Beall is steeped in the demands of multiple axle configurations for demanding applications exceeding the Federal 80,000 GVW standard.

Ladder for semi and pull trailer

Ladders are located at the rear of the semi and front of the pull trailer for convenient access to the top of the trailer when required.

With a capacity of 710 cubic feet, this semi and pull trailer powder train is the big brother to Beall's very successful 550. Manufactured using state-of-the-art equipment to our exacting standards, our pneumatic trailers boast the best maintenance history in the industry. These trailers have become the proven workhorse to haul a variety of bulk products.