600 Doubles

600 Doubles

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All-aluminum framing

Front and rear aluminum framing has been a Beall standard for many years. Field proven, these designs provide light weight and efficiency to move as much product as possible.

Oval end head

Beall utilizes an oval end head that maximizes product capacity while keep the over-all height at a minimum resulting in a lower center of gravity. This is a distinctive Beall look and offers ideal support for frame struts that tie into full length toe rails.

Buffed shell material

Beall offers a high gloss shell and head finish that shows everyone a pride of ownership. Beall customers demand the best.

Y-branch discharge

A Y-branch side discharge has been employed for years allowing easy hookup, improved ground clearance and efficient off-loading. The Y-branch includes a butterfly valve at the hopper and a check valve on the air supply line.

Air suspensions

Air suspension is standard for excellent ride quality and tank longevity. Air suspensions can also contribute to the ever important driver retention equation.

The 600 LCG has all the industry-leading benefits of our benchmark 550 Pneumatic in a slightly larger model. Designed eight inches closer to the ground, its lower center of gravity makes this unit the right choice when you need a light weight solution that can handle higher volume for dry-bulk products such as fly ash.