550 Doubles

550 Doubles

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Single hopper design

Each trailer has a single hopper designed and built with years of experience resulting in the barrel of choice for the industry.

Top air and blowdown

Optional top air is available for those products that need the extra pressure on the top. Blowdown piping and valving allow for pressure relief as needed and both are located in a convenient location for the operator.

Buffed shell material

Beall offers a high gloss shell and head finish that shows everyone a pride of ownership. Beall customers demand the best.

Various lighting options

LED lights throughout for long life and improved visibility. Additional turn signals, work lights, flood lights, panel lights and simply adding more lights are all common lighting options. Beall is also standard with an ID/ brake light cluster at the upper rear of our equipment.

Air suspensions

Air suspension is standard for excellent ride quality and tank longevity. Air suspensions can also contribute to the ever important driver retention equation.

The Beall 550 double, featuring a semi and pull trailer combination, is the workhorse of the Southwest cement industry. We first introduced this proven design in the 1980's, and have continued to refine it for enhanced performance. Each single-hopper is manufactured without internal ribs to minimize barrel stress. Lightweight and simple to maneuver, the 550 Pneumatic makes every delivery easier. And it's distinctive shape and buffed aluminum shell is a signal to your customers that you settle for nothing but the best.