1680 R Model

1680 R Model

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Aeration options

Like all Beall dry bulk trailers there are aeration options to minimize unload time. Aerators or fabric systems are typical and Beall has seen them all.

Gravity tee options

Gravity tee's allow for gravity unloading the product at the base of each individual hopper. Piping between the hopper tee's can be removed for cleaning.

Top air and blowdown

Optional top air is available for those products that need the extra pressure on the top. Blowdown piping and valving allow for pressure relief as needed and both are located in a convenient location for the operator.

Aluminum frames

Full length aluminum channel welded to the hoppers supporting the trailer. The suspensions and kingpin plate are directly attached to this frame.

Buffed shell material

Beall offers a high gloss shell and head finish that shows everyone a pride of ownership. Beall customers demand the best.

Designed primarily to haul food-grade products such as flour, the 1680 4-hopper is the lightest pneumatic in the industry. Innovative design plus all-aluminum construction are the keys. The “R” model features a round rather than elliptical cross section, which means it expands uniformly under pressure and does not need the external stiffeners of competing products. You can expect a longer work life and fewer maintenance issues.

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