Petroleum Semi: MW

Petroleum Semi MidWest

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Butt-welded shell seams throughout

Tank shell seams are butt-welded for maximum joint strength. Long, wide sheets are utilized for efficiency and optimal seam placement resulting in outstanding barrel integrity.

Buffed shell material

Beall offers a high gloss shell and head finish that shows everyone a pride of ownership. Polished end heads, bumpers, and hose tubes are also common components that can outshine the typical.

Air suspensions

Air suspension is standard for excellent ride quality and tank longevity. Air suspensions can also contribute to the ever important driver retention equation.

One-piece aluminum sub frames

The front and rear aluminum frames are solid-welded to tank pads and formed top to bottom to eliminate a separate lower suspension frame. The Beall aluminum sub frames provide a strong and light weight connection between the running gear and the barrel.

Frameless design

Proven in countless environments, the individual aluminum front and rear frames with wide, formed, solid- welded box channel bolsters to cradle the tank, offering support where it counts

Beall has been building aluminum trailers longer than any other manufacturer - and it shows. Our light-weight petroleum semi makes easy work of mid-western roads and weather. The design and placement of every component has been refined over decades. Engineered for maximum payload and custom-built to meet your operational demands, each trailer is welded by craftsmen to deliver superior durability for the day to day, and longevity over the years to come. And the reflections in our buffed aluminum finish catch appreciative glances at neighborhood fuel stations and down long stretches of highway in America's heartland.

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