NW Transport

NW Transport

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Double cone design

A proven Beall design for many years that offers unmatched quality, drainage characteristics, center of gravity, longevity and second-to-none hand crafted appearance.

Buffed shell material

Beall offers a high gloss shell and head finish that shows everyone a pride of ownership. Polished end heads, bumpers, and hose tubes are also common components that can outshine the typical.

Various lighting options

LED lights throughout for long life and improved visibility. Additional turn signals, work lights, flood lights, panel lights and simply adding more lights are all common lighting options. Beall is also standard with an ID/ brake light cluster at the upper rear of our equipment.

Bolster mount design

Truly the leader in truck and trailer construction evolved from years of service; the Beall box bolster is designed to provide a wide grip on the tank, cradling the barrel for strength and security.

Custom drawbar lengths

Pioneering the truck tank and pull trailer, Beall understands the critical function of drawbars, drawbar boxes, integral cone holders, extensions and importance of customizing the drawbar for operational success.

Offside discharge option

Varied product drop sites can demand offside discharge. Tee discharge, suction lines, pump off lines, and manifolds are constructed of aluminum tubing for light weight, dependable service and come with the fittings needed to do the job day in and day out.

The truck tank and pull trailer combination of Beall's NW Petroleum Transport was pioneered for their unique regional application to yield the maximum payload and help you meet the needs of your most demanding customers. Custom-sized to fit your truck chassis and mounted, plumbed, and finished on our shop floor, you can drive these units off our line and begin hauling fuel.


  • Proven light-weight design
  • Engineered for maximum payload
  • Highest grade craftsmanship and welding in the industry
  • Custom-built to meet your demanding operational needs
  • Unsurpassed fit & finish
  • Industry-leading frameless design
  • Customized compartment splits
  • Trailer stability control
  • Ready for service immediately
  • LED lighting - dual function ID light
  • Easy-access fittings & connections
  • 100% factory assembled