Haul Road Transport

Haul Road Transport

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Hitch for doubles

Hitches, hitch brackets, bumpers, air & electrical connects, and drawbar sizing all play a critical role when it comes to doubles operation. Beall is experienced with these components and appreciates their importance, overall dimensions and general operation.

Steerable lift axle

When a steerable lift axle is needed for maximum GVWR's and weight distribution Beall has been there and understands the demands. We have worked hard for many years with axle manufactures to continue to improve this feature. Because of that relationship we can offer a heavy duty Alaska design that incorporates many features above and beyond the typical 13.5K suspension.

Pump-off line

Suction lines to the front and/or rear of the trailer provide product transfer in situations when basic bottom loading is not available or when conditions demand transferring product by pumping on or off the tank. Piping options with manifolds and appropriate valving facilitate maximum efficiency.

Air suspensions

Air suspension is standard for excellent ride quality and tank longevity. Air suspensions can also contribute to the ever important driver retention equation.

Upper lights for added safety

This is another lighting option that goes the next step in enhancing rear light visibility. LED upper lights to match the lower lights with bolt-on housing or weld-on design offerings. Upper and lower light housing can have wind deflectors to assist in washing the snow from the lights and rear head.

As proven by the History Chanel's Ice Road Truckers, only Beall's Haul Road Transport can stand up to the demands of carrying fuel into the harsh conditions of the Arctic Circle and beyond. Its three compartments carry 10,500 gallons at full capacity and split the load so as to optimize traction. From a low-profile design to well-protected air and electrical lines, this trailer makes the grade in extreme locations.