A-Train – Rocky Mountain Doubles

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Various piping options

Whether an on/off load head or Y-branch design with the bottom load head on the top and the discharge fitting on the bottom Beall can do it. Piping runs are optimized for loading/unloading, product drainage, spacing requirements and ultimately ease of use for driver efficiency.

Buffed shell material

Beall offers a high gloss shell and head finish that shows everyone a pride of ownership. Polished end heads, bumpers, and hose tubes are also common components that can outshine the typical.

Drawbar and hitch for maximum sizing

An extension of our pioneering truck tank and pull trailer, Beall understands the critical function of drawbars, drawbar boxes, integral cone holders, extensions and importance of customizing the drawbar for operational success.

Tool box and accessory options

Many operators need additional storage boxes, cabinets, chain hooks, cone holders, and bucket brackets/ holders to name a few. Beall likes to work closely with the truck dealer and customer to satisfy storage needs for the driver's success.

Convenient hose carrier options

Hose tubes, hose trays, cross tubes, nozzle boxes, single doors, double doors, stick tubes, we've seen it all.

Custom polish options

When polished, buff end heads, bumpers, and hose tubes are common components that can outshine the typical. The Beall trailer is designed with an automotive styling and our goal is to make the tank and components look as good as they function.

The A-Train Rocky Mountain Double meets your demands for maximum GVW, featuring multiple axles in a semi and pull trailer combination. Made to tackle the challenges of the mountains, this set is rooted in the solid reputation and superior workmanship that is the hallmark of every Beall product. Our sales and engineering team stand ready to custom-tailor units for your specific operational needs.