80k Transport

80k Transport

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Tool box and accessory options

Many operators need additional storage boxes, cabinets, chain hooks, cone holders, and bucket brackets/ holders to name a few. Beall likes to work closely with the truck dealer and customer to satisfy storage needs for the driver's success.

Pump options

Truck mounted, air shift, PTO driven product pumps are common along with various options like suction lines, pump-off lines, manifolds, reversing valves, pump discharge tee, and piping for the pull trailer. These features are constructed of aluminum piping for maximum weight savings and no paint problems.

Air suspensions

Air suspension is standard for excellent ride quality and tank longevity. Air suspensions can also contribute to the ever important driver retention equation.

Various piping options

Whether an on/off load head or Y-branch design with the bottom load head on the top and the discharge fitting on the bottom Beall can do it. Piping runs are optimized for loading/unloading, product drainage, spacing requirements and ultimately ease of use for driver efficiency.

Convenient hose carrier options

Hose tubes, hose trays, cross tubes, nozzle boxes, single doors, double doors, stick tubes, we've seen it all.

Featuring our industry-leading frameless tank and proven light-weight design, the Beall 80K is the most popular truck tank and pull trailer on the road today. Standard features such as high-flow valving, convenient hose carriers, trailer stability control and LED lighting are engineered to exacting standards and designed to make daily deliveries easy. Customize the compartment splits and select the options that meet your specific needs by working directly with our sales managers.


  • Proven light-weight design
  • Engineered for maximum payload
  • Highest grade craftsmanship and welding in the industry
  • Custom-built to meet your demanding operational needs
  • Unsurpassed fit & finish
  • Industry-leading frameless design
  • Customized compartment splits
  • Trailer stability control
  • Ready for service immediately
  • LED lighting - dual function ID light
  • Easy-access fittings & connections
  • 100% factory assembled
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