A Proud History. A Bold Future.

Beall’s history extends to 1905 with its origins as a road building equipment distributor in Portland, Oregon. It was the 1920’s when we began manufacturing truck tank and tank trailers for the petroleum industry. Founded by John E. Beall and run by the Beall family until its acquisition by Wabash National in 2013, the philosophy of our company has never changed: we custom-specify tank and trailer designs to meet specific customer needs, then craft them to exacting standards.

Over the years there have been many firsts. In 1946 Beall introduced the first frameless steel pull trailer. Three years later, the first successful aluminum truck tank and pull trailer was brought online. And in 1967, we introduced the first all-aluminum single-gate bottom dump. We were early adopters of plant automation, leading the way in utilizing computer assisted methodologies for engineering, design and production in 1985.

Production capacity continued to expand, along with our reputation for superior products and styling among petroleum and dry-bulk haulers in the Rocky Mountains and Canada, on Alaskan ice roads and west to the Pacific. From the late 1980’s through 2007, we enjoyed record sales and built a team of craftsmen dedicated to the legendary quality for which Beall products are known.

Today, Beall is part of the Walker Group, a division of Wabash National. Our line-up of petroleum and dry-bulk trailers, as well as our Portland, Oregon facility, are perfect complements to Walker’s tank product portfolio, making it the broadest in the industry, as well as Walker’s manufacturing locations in the mid-west.

As a the largest trailer manufacturer in the United States, Wabash brings exciting new resources to Beall staff and products, along with a shared commitment for continued innovation and best-in-class quality, hallmarks both companies proudly stand behind.